​​Team and Group Coaching
Coaching on an individual basis can be highly effective but sometimes working with people in teams and  groups can be really  beneficial. Having an outside perspective on challenges can  boost learning and development. This could be in the form of senior team coaching, group coaching for business owners, a group coaching approach to support the developement for future leaders, or facilitatiing team training sessions. 

Team Coaching
Alongside my individual work as an executive coach, I  work in partnership with Emily Jones, Turnstone Coaching Ltd,  as "Whiles and Jones Coaching", making Team Coaching accessible to senior teams across a range of sectors.

Our work is bespoke and designed around a diagnostic which shapes interventions which support an organisation's particular needs and builds engagement, energy and commitment right from the start.

We work closely  in partnership with our clients, usually over several months, and love seeing the results of investment in Team Coaching - awareness, confidence, delivery and enjoyment

Group Coaching.
I offer several group coaching progammes, designed to make coaching accesible and to build ongoing supoportive work between clients. Groups meet for 3 monthly sessions of around 2 1/2 hours

Working in a coaching group gives you the benefit of a wide pool of ideas and real supportive challenge and growth

  • Business Coaching Groups
  • Future Leader Groups
  • Middle Managers Groups

Get in touch  to arrange a chat about how Team Coaching or Group Coaching can make a difference to your organisation's success