Interview Preparation

Helping you progress or work towards a new career.
Individual Career Coaching 
If you want to succeed in job interviews and prepare for new roles and opportunities, I offer a range of structured 1-1 coaching programmes, comprising 2 coaching sessions of around 2 hours with guided work and support to clients in between 

Each programme costs £700, plus travel expenses.  

Designed using tried and tested coaching tools and unique workbooks, the sessions help clients  develop a success mindset, awareness, confidence and  build on their own values, strengths, experiences  and motivators to shape their career success

  • Transitioning between roles and organisations  
  • Preparing to secure a new role 
  • Shaping your  future career direction  

Group Coaching and Training 
I offer bespoke Group Coaching, Training and Consultancy to support organisations who wish to invest in their people’s career development

These range from training for internal coaches and mentors, helping you shape and deliver your coaching  and mentoring strategies, support of internal coaches and mentors, to group workshops for staff around successful transition to new roles following organisational restructures, 

Take a look at  What Clients Say  for feedback from some of my clients who've invested in career coaching support.

"Sandra`s advice and expertise has proved invaluable. I faced a key decision point in my career and she helped in two key ways. At first she offered lucid advice and posed a series of really searching questions that I should ask myself before taking my next step. This really helped me filter what jobs and opportunities I should and shouldn't look for. This was hugely helpful and empowering. Second, ahead of an interview, I worked through a tool which she had designed which  helped me organise my thoughts and possible answers heading into the interview. I went to the interview with a clear and confident sense of how I could respond and should present myself. I got the job and I am about to embark on a new, exciting phase of my career- transferring my skills into new sectors to tackle very different challenges. Her coaching helped change a daunting prospect into something exciting and made the change ahead feel like something I was in control of." "
Director Mighty Creatives.